Our big size turn table helps at the manufacturing of bigger steel tanks for food, wine, pharmacy and chemical industries. Optimal for bigger tanks with smaller wall thickness.  By using this equipment you can achieve serious improvement in the efficiency, quality both at manual and automated processes. The worker can control the rotator both outside and inside the tank. 


• steplessly adjustable rotation speed 

• fixing possibility of the ground cable on the fix outer frame 

• current forwarding to the rotating element and to the workpiece is solved 

• precise centric positioning of the tank body can be arranged by bumpers fixed to the slots 


• through the fixed centric element of the turn table, current, high pressure air or shielding gas can be forwarded into the inner part of the tank 

• foot pedal, remote control can be also connected to the fixed inner part in case of working activity inside the tank 

• the outer diameter of the turntable is ø 4000 mm, by adjusting optional consoles it can be increased to ø 5000 m

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